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Q: How many car tyres can i inflate with it?

Kérdezte Dosto1 tovább 2023-08-07 08:56:31

kimon I assume that is not sure that this pump could had done with only one tire. I don't recommend at all for serious jobs, only for balls and toys

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Q: can it open holes in concrete or brick?

Kérdezte thettalos86 tovább 2022-06-01 08:32:01

kimon yesterday i used for first to open holes at the wall in my work.After a few try i understood that if i wanted to finish the job in logical time then i must use the electrical drill and not this sympathetic toy.So my answer is: yes this tool can done a hole in a brick if you be patient and you have a plenty of time to spent. As for concrete this would be almost die laughing and i bet that this TOPSHAK TS-ED5 could drill this material.Not in a million years...Conclusion: we have to spent enough more money for serious jobs.For casual use is fair.Sure not for professional when time is money.And a tip.Throw to the garbage the drills inside packet.Is absolute useless .The right question is now that i estimate the value of this tool if there is a recommendation to buy.My answer is no.Spent more for VFM

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Q: has a strobe or sos mode

Kérdezte kimon tovább 2019-11-18 09:08:37

wangyanyi it doesn't have

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