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Radovan it lights up for 30 seconds or longer if motion is detected during that time

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Radovan no, it has to be dark and has to sense motion

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Q: Is this listed for USA residential usage?

Kérdezte BG112123556 tovább 2021-10-27 11:29:32

Radovan not sure, but EU is OK

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Q: Compared to blitzwolf hp 02 which will be better or airaux EE-R3?

Kérdezte figueira_rui tovább 2021-02-22 07:13:09

Radovan did not have a chance to test both, but I suppose they are very similar according to specs.

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Q: hy. How big when closed headphone?

Kérdezte oroszvp22 tovább 2021-05-18 10:26:10

Radovan the drivers fold inside, to about 70% of the full size

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Radovan 28/10/2021
I won the Blitzwolf AirAux headphones as a free trial and I was really curious to get my hands on it. I spent some time with them and I have to say I am pretty impressed. Packaging is simple but functional, in the box are the headphones, USB-C charging cable and a line in audio cable, simple user manual and that is it. The material and build quality is amazing, as usual with Blitzwolf products, the top and earpieces are lined with very soft padding, the length of the headband is adjustable and both ends are collapsible for easier storage or carrying. The headphones are pretty light, around 260 grams, but feel very sturdy. Operation is very simple, with only 4 buttons, power, volume rocker and mode switch. There is one multicolored LED, USB c charging port, microphone and line in jack. These headphones are connected to source devices through Bluetooth and can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously, which is very handy, as you can connect them to your phone and Smart TV at the same time. You can use the headphones for calling or gaming. Now the most important thing, the sound. These sound amazing and I was genuinely surprised at the sound quality. The bass is deep and I could hear 30 Hz beat during my testing clearly. Sound is full and rich, without any disturbing effects. I had many different headphones from cheap to expensive and I can honestly say, these headphones sound much more expensive as they are... I recommend these for all audiophiles and anyone who wants high quality for reasonable price.
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Radovan 20/08/2021
This is by far the most fun gadget for your children. It is a lot of fun, it has great educational features and keeps your children busy for hours. Everything necessary is included in the packaging, mainly Quincy the robot, his arms which attach magnetically, USB charging cord, included SD card, user manual and some drawing books and mainly the basic set of drawing cards and number and letter cards. in the expansion pack are 50 more cards, binding rings and an updated SD card. Getting the robot ready is extremely easy, even a child can do it, setup takes only several seconds and the robot is ready to go. In my version the robot speaks nice English without any accent and is easily understood. The basic mode is learning how to draw different things, as the robot guides you through the steps, then there is spelling and counting game and a simple story mode. Every mode is accompanied by vocal instructions. My kids of 5 and 9 years are extremely happy with it, it keeps them busy and entertained. The robot is very well built, works as advertised, battery life is also satisfying. I can only recommend this gadget, it is worth the price. It is very entertaining even for an adult to watch it work its magic, the drawing algorithm seems to be very precise and the finished drawings are very well done. All you need is a good quality pen or thin marker and you will be rewarded by a perfect results. My kids have abused it a lot, we even took it for a one week holiday and it still works without a glitch. The materials it is made from are very sturdy and can take a lot of beating. The volume can be adjusted with the main on/off knob. On the back is a small rubber door hiding a USB port and SD card. On top are 3 main buttons, Play, Repeat and Stop, all with lighting. The main camera sees the qr code on the back of each card and this way recognition works. For us it worked every single time. To finish my review I can only say Go buy it !!!
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