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a17prilie 22/04/2020
Hello! I've only used the smartphone for a few days, I'm overall happy with the smartphone, except few issues that I'll point out: - on the left side there's a Quick Acces Button that's positioned very bad, every time I pick up the phone I touch it by mistake and that's why I can't map any function for it, in order to not accidentaly activate it; - the USB Type C port doesn't have any rubber cap to protect it (I know, it's supposed to be waterproof), this is a big issue since every bit of dust, dirt & other small particles will get inside, which in the long run might affect it, luckly the phone has wireless charging as well (although this way the phone charges slower); - another issue regarding the USB Type C port is the depth where it's situated inside the phone's body, it's mucher deeper compared to a normal phone, and you can see the difference in the picture I've attached (the red one is the original Ulefone cable, the white one is a normal one for a Samsung), the Ulefone charging cable has the conector slightly longer compared to a normal smartphone, meaning you need to carry it with you whenever you travel or try to buy some extra ones in case you loose it; - the BIGGEST issue (for me :( at least), I didn't realize the lanyard loop situated on the back-bottom of the phone sticks out quite a bit, unfortunately the phone comes standard like this, which is not very useful for me at all and it might be a bit inconvenient when keeping the phone in the pocket; I've attached photos for all the issues I've mentioned above. On the plus side, the configuration is very solid, good specifications and the quality of the finishes is very good. Thanks for reading & take care!
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a17prilie Hello! There's no limits on the Android system, you can access Play Store anytime and install any available app.

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a17prilie Hello! The main camera has 4 settings: 48M, 30M, 12M, 7M, this is if you use the Camera app that comes preinstalled with the phone's software. The default setting is indeed 48M, but you can always modify it to the other values whenever you want from the Camera app Settings. I hope it helps!

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