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ihatespamcoughcough 27/08/2018
I was able to put on four antennas, go into my usual flying spot and experience the best FPV flight I have ever had in my one year of flying FPV. I mean not only was there less interference, the range was larger and better too! The screens are excellent. I have 20/20 vision, but I am no spring chicken. The resolution was high, there was no latency I could detect and I saw no artifacts or distortion of any kind. They felt good in the hands and when I put them on my face I was relieved by the comfortable fit! The IPD adjustment was adequate for my face shape and the bridge of my nose did not come into contact with the inside of the goggles. In the box the provided accessories were a nice touch. They included a spare face plate, some HDMI cables and replacement foam for the part that contacts your sweaty skin. The fan was quite powerful and only slightly audible. The controls were accessible and the build quality was high. I was happy to see that it came in a quality case and arrived shipped in good packaging from the warehouse. Good job all around Eachine! See, was that so hard? I bet this release will satisfy the FPV cravings of a good percentage of pilots. There's always some people who are going to complain no matter what, but I disagree here. No product is perfect, but this product does more than kick the can down the road. This product actually sets a new standard for other manufacturers to achieve, if they can. The ball is in your court Fatshark! Competition can be a wonderful thing for the consumer. I'm not a fanboy of any brand so generally I am open to anything as long as it is not overpriced and overhyped like FS.
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ihatespamcoughcough I'm convinced now. After flying the BHR3 from Emax since day one that this motor is a step up. Coggier strangely, but yet I could fly more robust and riskier lines with the power afforded me by the 1206 4500KV VS the 1106 4000KV brushless motors on the BHR3. Both quads are lightweight 3" with the heaviest being the GEPRC 3" so it might just be the little bit of added weight of the Runcam Split causing the Gep to fly more stably and powerfully than the BHR3. Who knows? They are both my funnest to fly 3" sub 250 gram quadcopters. The Emax motors seem better for racing than freestyle and the GEPRC motors favor opposite priorities! Pilots win either way these days... pick your potion and fly FPV magic!

windwarrior 22/03/2019
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