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Shaukat Hi, as I am electrician I can help you,if you look on the pcb on the one end of pcb you will see a fuse covers with black sleeve near there you will see two solder tabs for input of mains supply of 220v AC, on the other end of the board on the corner you will see white glue with very short two wires if you slowly remove whit silicon there should be two tiny white wires they are 12v DC output,as marked + and - on the pcb.It's bit confusing but I managed to find it,hope it will help you and others.

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Old_Spirit The shop lights have been installed for less than two weeks and six of the sixteen units have failed. The usage rate is less than 2 hours per day. This makes the LED modules far more expensive than the fluorescent tubes. Old_ Spirit

Old_Spirit 05/04/2018
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