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KenjiFox First switch is forward rev or forward brake reverse. Second switch is Lipo voltage or Nimh. Third and fourth switched adjust brake strength in their four possible combos between 25% 50% 75% and 100%. Needless to say, they do nothing if the first dip switch is not set for brake.

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KenjiFox shorting out a solar panel doesn't cause any harm to it. In fact that exact how you test how many amps the panel can produce. That being said, if this panel really is 20 watts the wires may melt or start a fire if left that way for long while exposed to the sun.

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Q: a quanti volt funziona 3,7 o 7,4?

Kérdezte gigimenapace tovább 2020-12-20 06:46:47

KenjiFox 2 cell lithium 18650 batteries in series 7.4v. 20 watts. I didn't open it up, so it's possible that it's in parallel but it wouldn't make any difference a that point. The motor is 20 watts either way. The motor shaft is threaded with changeable blade. The motor runs somewhat gently but not lethargically compared to some of the more powerful cups, but hopefully that means it will last longer with daily use too. It's not uselessly weak like the "blendjet" from wally world. I just got mine so we shall see about the useful life. I've owned a LOT of these blender cups, so far this one looks promising. The blades are very well balanced and there is not much brush noise. That combined with the glass cup makes this one of the quietest ones I've ever used.

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Q: is that powerful as Dyson v11? thank you

Kérdezte dentstylianou tovább 2020-01-15 04:46:49

KenjiFox This does 120 airwatts on max, Dyson V11 does 185 airwatts on max.

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Q: is this nitecore tiki or tiki le??

Kérdezte GarV tovább 2020-01-07 01:37:25

KenjiFox Clear one is Tiki, black is LE.

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