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Q: Will you sell the 7" arms seperately?

Kérdezte BG114816400 tovább 2020-11-04 01:31:02

Becoming The spare part is not available sale.

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Q: Is the battery really that light? 88 grams? fit for geprc cinequeen?

Kérdezte BG115317542 tovább 2020-09-23 01:17:54

BG114816400 the pack has ~91g with xt30 connector. with xt60 it should be about 93g

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Waldemar what kv are you running, 1800kv or 1300kv? These motor should be MORE efficient than AirA since they have nearly identical stator volume (4000mm³ vs 3925mm³) but have wider bell diameter (therefore bigger lever) wich helps spinning bigger props more efficient.

DroneCuiaba 28/09/2020
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Q: What's the differente between T7056C and T7056C PRO version?

Kérdezte danarrib tovább 2019-11-26 02:23:58

BG114816400 The Pro version has more material on the connection point between hub and blade. The old ones were prone to explode when running 6S Low kv setups.

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Q: is the version from cz (Tschechien) upgradet nr. 2?

Kérdezte Dennisro tovább 2020-09-03 05:46:48

BG114816400 NO! ordered on 19.09 grey 12cm version and it's V1. don't buy from CZ, it's horrible image quality

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