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Q: Can this tablet support OTG and charging at the same time using a usb-c hub?

Kérdezte BG441005213 tovább 2020-08-24 05:10:41

phantomas Sorrybut i have not tried this.

2022-03-04 07:50:12 Hasznos (0)
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Q: Can the video be viewed through the internet across an inetrface web?

Kérdezte alfelipe tovább 2019-01-19 06:08:39

phantomas Yesit can be viewed using internet Explorer as browser.Also you can see video through the mobile app.

2022-03-04 07:49:28 Hasznos (0)
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phantomas I made a mistake in the previous review copying and pasting a text that was written for another order.The watch is very good as it is described.The application runs easily and the set up was very fast.Sorry for the previous comment.Five stars to the seller.Very satisfied.

phantomas 05/01/2022
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phantomas Verysatisfied after working this product for 6 months.Easy set up, clear view from the cameras,easy and comfoerable app to use it through mobile phone.Recommended.

phantomas 24/03/2021
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