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CapnMick69 I've found that using counter rotating edf's on smaller jets is just a waste if time. even the 64mm jets I would use both CCW . at the 70 mm class I would change this up

kuro 01/08/2020
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CapnMick69 I made a scratch built like this, I'm curious where you mounted the prop front or aft? there's a U Tube video on these air boat version

Maccarocks 11/02/2023
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Q: kann man mit 2s fliegen? Und reicht ein 30a Regler?

Kérdezte BG154932211 tovább 2022-03-07 08:43:38

CapnMick69 I fear you will be greatly under powered with a 2s. suggested is a 40a esc and either a 3s or 4s battery

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Q: can it run on a 1300mah 3s and a 30a esc?

Kérdezte BG204012153 tovább 2022-11-12 07:15:33

CapnMick69 I have safely used a 40a esc and either a 1500 it 1800mAh 4s battery

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Q: How fast could the plane possibly fly?

Kérdezte BG454717115 tovább 2023-01-04 09:39:24

CapnMick69 from my experience the stock esc can handle a 4s battery. but if you need more speed, you could upgrade to an edf if same size and a lower kv rating. be sure to check the capability of the esc.

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CapnMick69 the only way any plane can accommodate a bigger edf requires the owner to dig out the foam where the edf sits, but I don't recommend it. it's pretty fast as is

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Q: can I get another awl? I lost it

Kérdezte AgentButter tovább 2023-01-01 12:21:12

CapnMick69 awl ?

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