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BG981434434 The watches were a little off but I went to google play store and typed in Firmware update for the Blitz wolfe and downloaded a free app it was not a firmware update but after I did that all 3 of the smart watches I bought from Banggood are giving readings the exact same as what my blood pressure should be. Before I was getting like 130 over 72 on the most acurate one but after they are all reading like 145 over 85 which is the same as what I get from the Doctor. So if you want a true reading go download that free app and see what happenes I know untill I downloaded the app my readings were pretty far off but I thought maybee my blood pressure got better but the app seemed to fix all my watches 2 Blitz wolfs and even the really cheap 1 I bought has the same and also correct readings and you have nothing to lose as long as you get the free version off the app.

BG981434434 06/11/2020
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