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Manuhansa SellerConfirms It's all in Chinese. Nothing is in English. App can be found under a App called WeChat. Got to use translator to read the Manuals and App . works with Bluetooth Ver 4 and Above. So be sure if you are comfortable with All these.

Manuhansa 14/07/2021
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Manuhansa It's full screen view as per the full size . Best price for a Mirror I am going to connect it as full time rear view mirror. Should come out nicely.

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Q: Esta en español y que aplicacion utiliza? Gracias.

Kérdezte BG104282217 tovább 2021-01-20 01:09:37

Manuhansa All in Chinese and Only Chinese. App is a Mini Program under WeChat. Wechat has a QR code reader and it finds the App but As I said App is Chinese only.

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Manuhansa I purchased this very recently. Application is in Chinese ONLY. it can be found under a App Called WeChat only. All Manuals are in Chinese. Electrodes are showing Available in Ali Express. I haven't checked the Electrodes which came with the device because still I cannot get the App setup properly and connecting to device with Bluetooth.

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