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edgarrold 15/09/2021
I ordered the SOMAN Iron Man Helmet in gloss black, the helmet arrived in 13 days to México, arrived in a good package and nicely protected, the helmet have a bag to protect it and have a good fit. In the beginning I see a strange tracking number but the banggood service provide help fast so I can track it whit the correct carrier. For mexican people, there was no extra tax payment, so you do not have to worry about it. My head is size 60cm and I ordered L have a good fit in my head I think the sizing is very good so order using the table. For glasses users remember to take off your glasses and put them after when the helmet is in position. In the safety side the helmet have DOT certification. The interior of the helmet have a extraordinary good feeling is soft and feels good, the reed interior looks great. The helmet don’t have any extra features such a speaker of glasses. The helmet look so good, I think is one of the best helmet I ever see, looks very similar to iron man, only changing in the colour but, the black bright give it a good good look. My father in law saw it and in that moment he wanted one, and he isn't event a helmet guy. The helmet weight 1.8kg, but is wel designed so the helmet don’t feel heavy in the head. The helmet is a must to any Iron man fan, after seeing the first move I was wanting something like that , even the lift system looks like the iron man helmet, so I feel very happy to have one and I feel something like iron man, looks so good I’m thinking in adding a few leds to use it to look like iron man, its also tempting to repaint the helmet to fit the classic iron man colours. Still the glossy black look much better than I expected. I think you can also use it to do cosplay because is so good. Its the most confortable helmet I ever had Having the carry bag is good because it protect the helmet when you are not using it, and help to keep it shiny I give it a 5 stars in stetic 5 stars in safety 5 stars in shipping and 5 stars in comodity
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Q: What size in cm is the helmet , my head is 58cm, so should I take a L or XL ?

Kérdezte BG321044415 tovább 2020-08-26 10:34:18

edgarrold my head is 60 i have L fits just perfect

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Q: Seller. Could i have some real pictures?

Kérdezte Molnár Zoltán tovább 2020-08-15 06:03:51

edgarrold i'm not seller just a buyer but just uploaded a review wit pics that i take of my helmet check it!

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Q: este producto es original

Kérdezte BG551337439 tovább 2021-02-01 10:40:27

edgarrold Si, si es original

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Q: le casque est-il homologuer pour l’Europe?

Kérdezte BG433943213 tovább 2020-11-10 11:56:55

edgarrold I dont know europe but it have fmvss218 DOT and have BPS

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Q: tem o tamanho 60

Kérdezte edgar alves milhome tovább 2021-01-21 01:43:31

edgarrold If your head meseaures 60 cm, you should take L thats the one i have

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Q: que modelo me recomienda

Kérdezte youblack0609 tovább 2021-08-22 06:51:24

edgarrold Depend of you, you can chosee a full black mate, if you like something discrete or you can go for red-black or iron man desing if you want something more colorfull

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Q: Can I use 2 Sim cards + memory card at the same time like the s96?

Kérdezte Sr. Almeida Santos tovább 2021-08-11 10:13:09

edgarrold the 2cond sim card and the memory card share the same socket there was a trick so you can made it handle the 2 sim cards but not by default

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