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Q: is there different color?

Kérdezte yuk2019 tovább 2019-12-02 12:48:20

angusj01 Thereare different colored ones but they vary in features and quality.

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angusj01 Ido not think there is a solution as it is just the way the clock is designed. The back numbers are viewed through the eight layers of acrylic in front of them. Best viewed in a slightly shaded area at about eye level for best results.

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Q: Is there a version with an overall case to keep DUST off of the unit?

Kérdezte dale22203 tovább 2020-11-18 01:57:55

angusj01 No,you would have to make one. I made a new plexiglass top for mine to strengthen the clock and countersink the top bolts so they do not stand out. I also attached 6mm lengths of clear aquarium tubing over the bottom bolts to make the clock stand up higher from the tabletop. Looks good.

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