Q: is IT possible to Change the battery 🔋 how many mAh dies ist has

Kérdezte Peter tovább 2021-07-19 01:58:32

Joe The battery is soldered on to the circuit board inside the Tape Measure and is a 3.7 volt, 180mA Lithium polymer battery. You probably could replace it, but you would need to solder it in yourself. Ho... Többet látni

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Q: are there any cables included

Kérdezte Peter tovább 2021-08-06 06:47:13

Stope Yes. 1*Type-C to USB cable, 1*Type-C to Type-C cable

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Q: i need a manual for this device please

Kérdezte Peter tovább 2021-04-03 00:38:17

Ostinato you could use the link for help: https://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111

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