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  • 14/04/2014

    This is a nice, well made gimbal. It might be very slightly heavier than a Carbon fiber gimbal but, for the money, you can't beat it. I noticed a couple things that are different from the images in this ad. 1. The wires are wrapped with spiral plastic wire wrap. 2. The sensor on the bottom of the camera platform is taped on instead of screwed on. It is very good two-sided tape so there is no problem. 3. The sensor is actually mounted on the other end of the camera platform - towards the motor which makes the routing of the wires better.

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  • 01/06/2014

    I have to be really honest - this is not the best gimbal because of its weight and the slight occasional roll drift. However, consider its low price, and it does its job fine, I'm not complaining. I am able to hook this up on my CX-20 and carry a Mobius video camera and make nice aerial videos. CX-20 Mobius this gimbal = one of the _best bang for bucks_ deals! I did an video showing how to hook up the gimbal on YouTube. Check it out if you need help. :)

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  • 08/11/2014

    My Gimbal arrived about a wk ago. When I start it first, I was amazed, but then I also realized that it's horizontal plate was not leveled properly so horizon stayed tilted in vdos. Today morning, I connected it to my laptop and tried to correct it using the Simple BGC GUI software. Trying to rectify the problem, I totally screwed my gimbal settings and then it was jerking, rotating, whistling, and crashing in all the directions. I reset it and also loaded default settings, and did acc-config, but it made the case worst. At last after trying for 2-3 hours, I was totally mad. Out of frustration (now read), I THREW the gimbal TWICE on my basement's (my DIY workshop) cemented floor in order to get rid of it. Later when my mind was settled, I took time to read banggood.com's gimbal page. 2VDOs came to my rescue. 1: http://www.banggood.com/FPV-2-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal-With-Controller-For-DJI-Phantom-GoPro-3-videos-p908068-v6961.html I used all the default values given in this vdo and set my gimbal (cool mind). MAGIC: All jerking and whistling and banging stopped... but gimbal was not levelled. I referred to another vdo 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNrUNJOb4tY this helped me to calibrate the sensor. MAGIC again.... Gimbal now perfectly leveled with my MOBIUS. Gimbal was once again like out of box, rather 100% more better than ever. I threw it twice on rock hard floor.... result.... Nothing broke or damaged. This is the BEST gimbal for me :-). I strongly recommend to anyone. Thanks to Banggood, and the 2vdo guys :-)

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  • 01/01/2015

    Этой мой первый подвес. И он мне очень понравился. Приходит с прошивкой алекс мосс 2,2. Основные пиды уже настроены. Если будете настраивать его, то обязательно с камерой, иначе будет дергаться, а вы будете недоумевать в чем дело. При заливке прошивки от бруги умирает бутлоадер подвеса. Будьте осторожны. Если не будете использовать прошивку алекс мосс, то сначала нужно стереть eeprom в анутрине, затем залить загрузчик и уже потом шить прошивку. Обратите внимание, что понадобится программатор Ubasp.

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  • 16/08/2014

    Very good and cheap gimbal, I realy like it. But there are some ways to make its weight lower. I disassembled gimbal and weighed details: - motor is decent, 40,6 g, for Mobius actioncam you can find a replacement and rewind new motor - the gimbal will be 2 times lighter. -Motor shell = 13,3g.you can perforate holes and make it lighter on 3-4g. -angle element for camera = 15,6g can be reduced to 2 times, and if you make it of carbon fabric, then it becames 3 times lighter, or more simply - attach camera case directly to the motor with screws without any angle element. However, if you use the camera-recorder, then everything will be just right, though the total weight 300g.

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  • 21/04/2014

    Works! (wich is amazing for this price) Really, it worked instantly. For the mobius it needed a little tweaking. The software is also very good. You can set it up just as you want. The manual could be better though, much better! It took me forever to find things out. Sometimes the communitation via the USB fails. But recovers after reconnecting. All in all very good!

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  • 23/02/2019

    çok başarılı bir ürün. kesinlikle tavsiye ederim.

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  • 22/10/2018

    works in any position

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  • 29/08/2015

    Бангуд, спасибо ребята, посидел ночь и разобрался сто к чему)) Вобщем при подключении подвесик бился в конвульсиях и издавал душераздирающие звуки!!! ЛЕЧИМ ТАК: берем комп, кабель usb to mini usb, соединяем всё, качаем прогу BGC 2.2b2 (ява приложение, чтобы запустить потребуется обновить яву или установить) и драйвер!!! для usb!!! (искал дольше всего) здесь http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx. Устанавливаем драйвер, прогу, перезагружаем пк, конектим подвес к пк, запускаем програмку и.... дальше колдуем... а на ютубе куча инфы какие настройки вбивать и как калибровать)) здесь в коментах человек уже написал хорошие настроечки для пич и рол, поисчите не ленитесь!!! Бангуд спасибо.

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  • 02/03/2017

    Quality is ok, nothing to complain at this price point. It uses an older version of Basecam control board, which can only work with version 2.2b of SimpleBGC_GUI. Download it from Basecam Electronics web site, the version here is not compatible. Everything works fine after you calibrate it.

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