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  • 23/01/2017

    I'm a retired RF engineer that has fallen in love with FPV racing drones. With FPV systems, you have video transmitters that can be damaged very easily if they are powered up without some sort of load on them, i.e. an antenna. Many drone pilots remove their antenna for storage and/or travel and have at one time or another powered up their system without re-attaching the antenna. When that happens, damage can and will occur to the unprotected amplifier. In my job we used terminations, or "Dummy Loads" to protect our transmitters while testing or shipping. That's what these terminations due ... when a pilot removes the antenna for whatever reason, they can throw on these small loads and be protected if and when they forget to replace the antenna. It's one very inexpensive insurance policy on your expensive transmission equipment.

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  • 09/04/2018

    This little terminator is essential for optimal performance of triple feed patch antennas like this one: http://bit.ly/2BGQ0SZ

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  • 13/03/2018

    Je ne l'ai pas encore testé. Mais la fabrication est correcte.

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  • phbVIP4

    As advertized. Works well

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  • 25/03/2019

    woerks and fit perfect, little bit expensive for onely one piece

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  • 22/11/2018

    Нужная вещь для патч антенны. Делает свою работу

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  • Mrojod

    definitely improved the antenna performance and you should buy this if you have any video input output unused, definitely buy this

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  • 24/09/2018

    using to terminate the circuit of my realacc triple feed antennae for my fpv goggles. excellent set up ! Good for terminating realacc triple feed patch antenna. Everything is fine

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  • 20/07/2016

    Dummy loads are a great way to fly your quad line of sight when testing to save the Video antenna if you crash. They save you messing around removing the power to the VTx or flying it with the antenna attached. If you don't use an antenna ot a dummy load you will burn out your VTx if it is powered up for any length of time.

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  • 27/08/2019

    Todo bien, en 9 dias en casa

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