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  • 02/06/2017

    And even in professional ESD testing it took-on 2,500 volts without damage! EEVblog member engineer shows all about this here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrcxnbkkhYg ) and even he was surprised at the value. How can you miss with this? That's why I ordered one.. Who knows, maybe I'll get another :) Testing results spreadsheet here (look down at the bottom of chart) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cXzYpIoyVm9QJUju4KXqM22CEQZP3_xwWvDyeVwxTy4/edit?usp=sharing

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  • 09/08/2017

    I checked DC V and mV, AC V and mV, resistance and DC current with Yokogawa calibrator and Agilent multimeter, the precision I find is always better than 0,2%+1dgt

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  • 30/06/2017

    It's a compact and well-constructed meter. First thing I did was measure voltage at a mains (240VAC) socket, since it's meant to be rated for it. I figured if it blew up, that was a good sign not to trust it. It survived no problem. Nice: - Measured mains-socket-voltage without issue (didn't get warm, didn't melt probes, didn't tingle my hand). - In continuity test mode, it beeps pretty much immediately (no annoying delays) - Battery compartment screw goes into a metal threaded insert, not into plastic - Probe sockets are recessed. Probe plugs snap in nice and secure. - Built in kickstand is nice. Can be removed if you don't like it. - Auto-ranging is fast. - Came with a soft vinyl carry bag, makes storing easier. - Instructions are mostly well-written (one or two minor typos like "Bottons" instead of "Buttons", "Genearl" instead of "General", otherwise good). - Measurements seems to be accurate so far, at least to what I expect (but I don't have any reference equipment to check that). Minor criticisms: - The display contrast is a little light for darker rooms. I don't think it can be changed. (But the backlight makes it very easy to read in those conditions). - Test probe cables are pretty short (around 65cm cable length) and feel a bit flimsy. - Needs 2xAAA batteries, these weren't included. - Temperature only gives you degrees, no fractions, and included thermocouple is pretty cheap and vague. I think mine might have been bent slightly in transport. - The instructions say "do not input voltage exceeds 36V or 25V AC when you are at the setting of measuring current". It's not clear whether that's a typo or an actual warning - the max voltage for current measurement is not in the specs table, only amperage. It's supposedly a 600V CAT-III rated multimeter... Overall, really glad I bought this; definitely a good-value choice for an amateur or hobbyist.

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  • 08/07/2017

    Already having some high end bench top instrumentation, I needed some extra portable multimeter for quick measurements. I made some quick tests and accuracy seems well inside the stated specifications. Bandwith in true RMS mode is not very wide but my measurements (see picture) shows that the 1kHz limit is met. I can't test if safety requirements are met for CAT III but it seems reasonably well built for use on low voltage electronics and household appliance. If you need a multimeter for casual use this model is probably the best bargain actually available!

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  • 29/01/2018

    Multimetro compacto, bom acabamento, boa qualidade, utiliza 2 pilhas AAA (não incluidas), comparei as leituras com multímetro Fluke e foram identicas. Recomendo. Edvan Silveira

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  • 17/09/2017

    Pretty small multimeter, big screen with easy to read digits. Fast response in auto ranging. Seems to be also accurate in measures.

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  • 24/09/2017

    Świetny multimetr.W porównaniu do mojego starego DT9208A, bije go na głowę dokładnością.Szybki bepper, automatyczna zmiana zakresu,pomiar pojemności I temperatury,TRUE RMS,możliwość sprawdzenia ledów, bardzo małe zużycie energii,podświetlany ekran czynią go uniwersalnym, nie tylko dla początkujących elektroników.Za tą cenę jest bezkonkurencyjny . Polecam miernik oraz sklep.Dziękuję BANGGOOD.

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  • 14/05/2017

    Side by side comparison (DCV, DCI, Resistance only) with my Fluke 87 very favorable. Least significant digit (LSD) differences only. Bargain!

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  • 22/07/2017

    Отличный мультиметр в своем ценовом сегменте, наверное лучший, показания довольно точные, компактный, удобно лежит в руке и стоит на столе на подставке. Питание от двух батареек формата ААА, а не от дорогой "Кроны", щупы отличные, с изоляционными колпачками - случайно не замкнешь близлежащие элементы. Тестер рекомендую к покупке. Коробка это контейнер для детской аптечки, продается в любом детском или хозяйственном магазине. Сайт https://mirrobo.ru An excellent multimeter in its price segment, probably the best, the indications are quite accurate, compact, conveniently lies in the hand and stands on the table on a stand. Powered by two AAA batteries, not from the expensive "Crohns", the styli are excellent, with insulating caps - you will not accidentally close nearby items. Tester I recommend to buy. A box is a container for a children's first aid kit, sold at any children's or household store. Website https://mirrobo.ru

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  • 21/03/2018

    прибор получил на 14 день очень хорошо упаковано все целое комплект порадовал удобный чехлом для переноса прибора что б не царапался экран. по тестам прибор калиброванный идеально проверял на тестовом оборудовании а вот по фото видно с деловой идэндикациец что потнпряжению правильно а вот ток чуток не правильно так что выставлять только по этому прибору я ему верю а вот таким экранам где ток и напряжение доверять нельзя!. рекомендую покупать прибор тут отличный сервис отправка в день

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