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  • 20/02/2022

    I have a compact pump in the household, bought on the occasion, because of the good price:).Something like $ 27 with shipping. And the other day came a gift, a compact pump that does not depend on a power cord, for all occasions - you can pump up the wheel of the car, motorcycle, bicycle and also can pump up the ball and other inflatable things.The hose comes with three nozzles. The pump itself is "rectangular" and its dimensions are140*43*78mm, it easily fits in the travel bag of my scooter, very nice, now I can take it with me and if there are problems - the pump is always there:).A few words about the packaging and the very quality and appearance of the pump. In a word - the pump is definitely premium and it is not a shame to give such a gift to a friend and he will definitely be satisfied :). If you don’t have such a device on your household yet, give yourself a present for any holiday in your schedule, you will like the pump.A few more words, a flashlight is built into the pump, it is convenient when you have it at hand and can be illuminated. At the end of my review, a small, kind advice to the manufacturer - organize a page with a description of all the features of the pump, so that it would be possible to read the QR code from the package and go to this page and find out the main characteristics, control buttons and settings options. It would be very helpful and convenient.

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  • 25/05/2022

    Eddig úgy néz ki, első pillantásra, mint egy minőségi termék (szilárd, jól megépített) egy nagyon jó áron. Én is elégedett vagyok a szállítási idővel. A következő adandó alkalommal kipróbálom a gyakorlatban. Valószínűleg motoron, mert főleg ezért vettem.

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