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  • 22/09/2015

    This kit is another great buy from Banggood! As usual, a high quality, gold plated through hole, fibre glass PCB. The RF circuitry is pre installed which means that there's no difficulty winding coils and getting the turns number correct. All high qulaity components make this a breeze to construct in just a couple of hours. A quick adjust at switch on and I was listening to loads of aircraft conversations. A great kit and well worth the money.

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  • 15/01/2016

    The PCB for this receiver was a little rough, and needed to be thoroughly cleaned before assembly could begin. There were two wrong components supplied, but I keep a good stock of parts, so this was only a minor annoyance. The aerial socket didn't fit the holes provided for it on the PCB, but I used a short piece of coax to a panel-mounted socket instead. I have built this into a small diecast case, with a rechargeable battery pack for power, and have added a frequency counter to display the received frequency. This is now a superb little airband receiver, and is able to receive the commercial bugging devices around 135MHz!

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