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  • 05/12/2017

    When I first saw the product online, I was very much exited with the design, shape and multi functional aspects of the product. Its very handy that the product can be used as a lantern in night and which is solar chargeable. It makes us not to depend on electricity and worry for charging. Plus, you have a USB charger for your phone or other small appliances running on USB port. However, the delivery experience need to be improved. The customer support and interaction is time taking. But, its good that they address your issue for sure with commitment. In this product delivered for me USB was not functioning. And, Banggood is replacing my product. Thats awasome!!

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  • 26/11/2017

    The low light setting will carry 20+ hours. Pretty cool. Silicone body is watertight, but I'm not sure what kind of chemicals are in it. It's kinda scary to leave water in the sun to charge the lantern, thus heating up the unknown material... Best used as a drybag for small electronics, not drinking. The USB port is only for charging the light with included cable. It will not output to another device.

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