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Q: How is the firmware upgrade?

Kérdezte Hyld tovább 2020-10-05 12:07:01

BG445051811 Nel giro di pochi mesi si sono guastate le 2 batterie in dotazione non consiglio l'acquisto.

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Q: does this set of 4 include the screws used to mount the propellers?

Kérdezte BG161811486 tovább 2020-12-04 05:17:58

Hyld No - And I find it a bit petty!

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Q: How much power (Amp) does the gps use in idle

Kérdezte Hyld tovább 2020-10-28 01:55:04

The seller The power consumption is about 40 mA at work, and 1 mA at sleep. The instantaneous current of the fuel and electricity part is up to 45A.

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astronaut Howcan there be confusion between WS-6975 ordered and WS-6916 received? Both have different specifications. I have had the same problem still unanswered. Regards Ross Davis

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Q: where to find new blades ?

Kérdezte fulviolopescatto tovább 2019-12-16 12:45:06

Hyld doesn't connect to software

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matt66 you need 802.11 AC WiFi on your phone it can be a 4g network you just need the correct WiFi 802.11 AC

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