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Q: Hi! Good day! Do you send invoice together with the unit for local warranty?

Kérdezte BG504341844 tovább 2021-06-17 02:04:54

toym78 they don't send invoice..there is no local warranty...only bangood warranty.!

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Yascin Note: Due to long-distance transportation, some remote controls may need to be re-matched simply. The operation is as follows: Step 1: Restart the machine Step 2: When the word "CHE" appears, press and hold the remote control button "+" for 3-5 seconds Step 3: When you hear a beep, it means the matching is complete and you can use it .

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Q: my remote won’t work, can you send me a new one please

Kérdezte BG335501715 tovább 2021-03-31 06:39:24

toym78 They send me that walking pad WITHOUT the remote controller..and they did never send another one so i can use this....

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