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Q: is it work with alldevices?

Kérdezte sooo crazzy tovább 2019-11-16 05:33:25

ivanbrown001 I found it very small, too small to solder properly. Requires a very very fine point soldering iron, mine are all too large, I wrecked 2 trying to solder them in and didn't attempt anymore.

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Q: el inversor se puede con salida a 110vac?

Kérdezte Javier Henao Mejia tovább 2021-07-22 05:35:32

ivanbrown001 As far as I know it is 220V AC only

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ivanbrown001 I would get a magnifier and check the soldered joints, look for shorts, loose connections or dull looking dry joints. If any issues are seen, you will probably need to do some resoldering, hopefully that solves it for you.

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