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BG521510046 Whichsize/version do you use on Sunnysky 2216 v3 1250KV motor - 9x6 maybe?

ISO_V2 15/11/2022
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BG521510046@Hobbyboy Hobbyboy,what setup do you have? Can you be more specific about motor, propeller and esc. Which Emax motor do you have? How much is Emax motor weight? I have ordered PNP and will probably change battery to 4s2p self made from 18650 cells. I can also make 4s3p or 6s2p. So I can adapt battery shape. Does makes sense to remove some epp (main to head camera compartment) to move battery ahead, maybe just for two cells to fit under? I also have 2816 1050KV motor to try with 6s configuration - its weight is 92g, is that a problem for CG? I'm also asking for esc (and its weight) to buy, because I don't have it yet for 6S configuration or to reduce weight for 4s. Thanks M.

Hobbyboy 18/03/2021
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