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Q: How is it possible to make hot chocolate with it?

Kérdezte Patex_BG492381401 tovább 2021-11-17 10:14:23

tirrex No, this is an espresso diffusion machine. Hot chocolate is done in a completely different way.

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tirrex Doesit have a work area light (not screen backlight)? LED light on the back, as shown in the picture?

bonez 04/11/2021
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tirrex It cannot be directly inserted into a car cigarette lighter. It can be inserted INSTEAD of the cigarette lighter, into its hole, if you remove the cigarette lighter. Connect the wires to the cigarette lighter socket observing the polarity (requires a little alteration). If it is difficult, impossible or undesirable, a hole with a diameter of 29-30 mm can be made for it in the console in a convenient place. And yes, the length of the wires is not enough to connect to the battery ;-), you will need to find "+" and "-" closer. Even from the same cigarette lighter.

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Q: How many sets per box?

Kérdezte joazer tovább 2021-05-23 02:14:28

tirrex As much as you buy ;)

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Q: how to i buy DC 12V with right Amp

Kérdezte h798l tovább 2021-05-22 04:06:47

tirrex You can buy any AC 100-240V to DC 12V 5-8 A Power Supply, f.e. https://www.banggood.com/Geekcreit-AC-100-240V-to-DC-12V-5A-60W-Switching-Power-Supply-Module-Driver-Adapter-LED-Strip-Light-p-1441620.html?cur_warehouse=CN&rmmds=detail-top-buytogether-auto

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Q: Hello I want this mashine 13mm chuck size with two batteries How price

Kérdezte bhana123ram tovább 2021-03-18 05:15:59

tirrex SDS haven't Chuck size 13 mm. The diameter of an SDS and SDS Plus shank is 10 mm, The SDS Max is 18 mm.

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