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BG164453174 I was able to get oil quickly. In his description he mentions what standard oil should be included in \"HFV 32\". All of the factory oil spilled during shipping, now that I have drained the residue for approx. it might have contained a cola bottle of oil. My first impression is that it is quiet and works well. I hope it will be good for a long time.

BG164453174 13/06/2022
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BG164453174 18/05/2022
The package was delivered quickly and undamaged. You have to get used to using the mouse, it was a bit uncomfortable at first because I'm used to the old design. The mouse looks a bit small compared to my hand, but there are techniques I can use properly. The program you can use to set my very liking, you can set a lot of things, especially the macros have won my liking. However, I have more comments on the assignment and placement of the buttons. In the pictures you can see what it looks like and where it is. Using the Back / Forward buttons is a bit inconvenient to play. For my thumb, it would have been better to place it at the bottom and top + in the middle, to put the profile toggle button under my thumb. The latter, for example, is at the bottom of the mouse, so you will have to lift the mouse to switch to the other profile. This is quite confusing during gameplay, although it could greatly increase the usability of the buttons. Due to the two profiles, 7+ functions could be set. Respectively, my hand is bigger than the mouse, so I can't use the two buttons and the scroll wheel comfortably with my three fingers. It would have been better for me, the buttons and the scroll wheel would not be so close together. Apart from the above, I am completely satisfied with the mouse, I have not found a better allocation path so far. I think it's unbeatable in terms of price / value. IF it may not become fully operational in the distant future, I will make it, making another house that is more comfortable for my hands.
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