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Q: will these fit the ex07?

Kérdezte AAADRIAAAN tovább 2021-11-13 12:40:45

gedaymate no sorry

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Q: hiw would this compare to 3660 3200kv 100amp esc setup?

Kérdezte Steve42083 tovább 2021-12-01 03:24:23

gedaymate the3670 has more torqe so you con gear it up you will less stress on the motor and less heat cheers

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Q: Can this GPS be used to track and locate a lost plane (with it onboard)?

Kérdezte encavale tovább 2021-11-30 10:11:33

gedaymate nothis is only for speed hight distance cheers

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Q: Is it more sturdy than original ones?

Kérdezte fmimages tovább 2021-11-23 04:34:46

gedaymate seems to be a lot stronger than the original ones cheers

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gedaymate if you want a great small mini grinder at a fantastic price this is for you if you want to spend a lot lot more money then buy a Dremel

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