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Q: Will the light work with 5V ? I want to use it with arduino.

Kérdezte Jan Boeyens tovább 2018-02-05 02:29:12

Crew61 Yesof course you can integrate this button on a circuit based on 5V. You can watch up to 12V. Attention it is necessary to put a resistance to protect the internal diode with this button. I made a video with a diagram that I show for the assembly. There are two possible cases to have the LED lit continuously or only when the button is pressed in the ON position. The video is about "FABRICATION D'UN VENTILATEUR" (WRITE IN FRENCH) on the "CHRONIQUES DE MAKER" channel on YouTube if you are interested. (the diagram is visible towards the end of the video, be sure to put your research on my channel in French).

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