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Q: Can you give a battery idea for this product? What type of battery should I use?

Kérdezte akif Aydoğan tovább 2021-09-03 05:21:57

DrMark666 I have a bank of 4 Li-ion batteries salvaged from laptops with a buck convertor. There's likely to be more later but these are plenty for now.

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Q: What is the Max Temp?

Kérdezte BG815154614 tovább 2021-04-07 04:50:28

DrMark666 I think it depends what you put in it - it'll burn a graphite crucible & it likes ferrous stuff, it depends more on what makes it cut itself out, I find - needs to put enough power in but not too much, so size and convection etc matter more for max temp. The actual temp. of what you're heating is a bit irrelevant to this machine, it just puts energy in.

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Q: can i use it to make rat killing net with mobile power bank?

Kérdezte Mathi tovább 2021-03-13 01:27:53

DrMark666 I imagine so; not actually tested raticidal properties myself but am sure they won't come back. You couldn't just leave it running, obviously - need a trigger.

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Q: Hi,its possible to make with 56v ? thanks

Kérdezte BG538161610 tovább 2021-02-08 11:54:50

DrMark666 Not really, no - it's supposed to be software definable - but good luck with the interface, I don't even know which pins you'd send data to, it's not documented, it is meant to slot into a larger device. Comes set to 48V.

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