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Q: What is the Top speed of this motor?

Kérdezte BG423936160 tovább 2021-05-29 11:11:38

cediman26 Depending on your weight. it can go up to 45mph

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Q: what’s the speed of the motor?

Kérdezte BG352112326 tovább 2021-11-09 11:42:02

cediman26 depending on your weight. it can go up to 45mph

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cediman26 Mine is also 52V for the laotie es18 lite but I noticed the 52V are hard to get. I use the 48V but not sure if that's causing the problem with speed cut offs. Hmmmmm

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cediman26 what LAOTIE model do you have ? Maybe you can help me.

BG224815163 24/11/2021
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cediman26 Make sure you ask for the right one. It's either LAOTIE ES18 or LAOTIE ES18 LITE. They are game players.

cediman26 14/11/2021
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Q: Goodmornig, compatible with Laotie ES18?

Kérdezte rugonie tovább 2020-11-09 05:03:33

cediman26 I have ES18. What is the problem with your ES18?

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