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Q: how can i change the windows to english ??

Kérdezte vchiaratti tovább 2020-09-03 07:10:23

vatakas I was unable to change the language to English. Therefore, I had to download and reinstall windows home 10 from microsoft.

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Q: Can I use memory card ??

Kérdezte vchiaratti tovább 2020-07-24 08:35:22

farinassius2 yes...SDcard

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Q: Which is the model ?? MT1SS5 FCC 4KM ? or MT1SD25 CE 2KM ??

Kérdezte vchiaratti tovább 2019-11-24 05:24:23

Tweetii It is MT1SS5 FCC version. But If 5.8G is illegal in the country where it is located, the distance will be reduced to 500m. Must apply for a flight permit. The flight distance mainly depends on specific national regulations.

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Q: how is the waterproof ?

Kérdezte vchiaratti tovább 2019-11-15 02:16:30

Vance yeap it is waterproof

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