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Q: Can you get a proper line lens for this instead of the dot?

Kérdezte schmector tovább 2020-03-30 05:53:42

Lil_red hello.maybe you can see other products

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Q: Can you get or use a volcano block?

Kérdezte schmector tovább 2020-03-26 08:04:33

BG103717144 SorryI dont know.

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schmector After using it for a few days I wish that it came with 6mm Nozzle heads not the 7mm. The heads of the nozzle like to catch and build up REALLY easy. the 6mm heads are flush with the nozzle and don't have that 90° lip Like the 7mm ones that come with this kit. Still really nice and still recommend.

schmector 11/03/2020
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