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cuentochino It will work with all of them, just keep in mind you'll need to format it based on your need. For example to use it like an OTG drive with phone or tables (android), you'll be asked to format it once you plug it on android device (phone,tablet) as android use a different file system than pc (Ex-fat format, if I'm not wrong). To use it on a pc you'll need to format it in the file system you prefer before use it. For example I formatted mine in NTFS (windows) because I use it mostly on Windows system. It's symple to use it and you can find online a bunch of tutorials about formatting it. Youtube video: m_uaLKa4dwo, YdfF0YcLrHY, R5JJg0_KAf4. In the package there is a usb C to USB A cable to connect it to a PC plus an adaptor to connect it to an USB C input like phone

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