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Libra The retracts are "scale" from the point of view that they lift, turn and lay flat in the wing. There was only 1 Prop. You can buy spares from banggood.

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Libra This is a fairly standard blade. Banggood sell them and most DIY stores will also sell them. Take out the blade and measure the diameter and also the centre hole diameter..

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Q: does it come with the data cable to connect with a computer?

Kérdezte dizzysizzy tovább 2021-08-25 07:57:16

Libra No but the only reason to have a data cable is to up date the firmware. I have 4 of these controllers and I have updated all of them to 10ch. but if you want a 10 ch it's not very much more to buy one in the first place... These are the cheapest Hobby grade controller on the market and they work great.. Happy Flying :)

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