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Q: Can I run several LED strips off one WeMos board?

Kérdezte BG218056221 tovább 2022-03-30 04:26:49

phil I'd look to isolate the 'signal' line from this unit, and the power line for the LED's maybe an opto-coupler or low voltage relay??? Definitely would not load a mini circuit like this with multiple LED's, I reckon you could quickly arrive at 'burn-out'.

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Q: Are their 220 Ohm and 10 k values resistors?

Kérdezte BG019391538 tovább 2021-08-03 04:09:34

phil Yep, got those!

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Q: is this have gps?

Kérdezte BG435092222 tovább 2020-06-15 10:41:47

phil Notsure about that, but I suspect it might since it has wifi, and a smart enough processor for all the built in functionality. Not sure but suspect a google query (or duck duck go if you prefer security) might solve...

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phil Yup!All you need is there, if you have a smart phone you can download the app, but you get a remote control for just flying in the box...

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