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MBfromOK No, they are under the glass layers and remove the use of about 30px of the touch interface, best way to hide it would be a bezel or black tape. Additionally, the screen is not backlit in this section.

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Q: Is thwer any schematic for the wiring to Ramps 1.4 ?

Kérdezte jmlavoie tovább 2020-07-29 08:45:36

MaCiro there is not

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jmlavoie There is no visible audio jack, but this is a 3D rendering, not a stock photo. The T5/T5e have a 2.5mm plug on the side, but it does not appear on the 3D render, and is not mentioned in the specification. The T5 Edge does not have support for it at all. At that point, it is a guess whether T5 Pro has it or not. I suggest you contact ThiEYE support to get the correct answer, they are great.

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jmlavoie Il m'en manque 3, et les vis de remplacement moi aussi. Il faut contacter le support BanggoodMe also I'm missing 3 and the spare screws. You need to contact banggood support

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