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VladUtoystvmagz Please WATCH, Like,Comment and SUBSCRIBE to. UTOYSTVMAGZ https://bit.ly/33dA0t0. on Youtube for Product reviews, How to, Unboxing and more.. *****5 Stars***** Item was delivered earlier than expected. Item was well packed. Item is good and working .Thank you Seller . Thank you BANGGOOD. Thank you to the NINJAVAN delivery rider.

VladUtoystvmagz 27/12/2020
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Q: What is meeting of mode 1 or 2

Kérdezte Syed tovább 2018-08-03 08:22:59

UtoysTvmagz Mode1 : Up and down Throttle stick is on the right side of radio controller Mode 2 : Up and down Throttle stick is on the left side of radio controller

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Q: does this drone have a camera?

Kérdezte BG188465111 tovább 2020-11-02 07:57:54

UtoysTvmagz nothis drone does not have camera

2020-11-04 05:28:52 Hasznos (1)
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Q: is it have ha camera?

Kérdezte ibsham tovább 2019-12-12 08:15:08

BG401357362 no this does not have any camera

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