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Q: Can use the subwoofer 200w for the board or must the subwoofer 100w??

Kérdezte BG385415841 tovább 2020-12-02 08:42:41

SubhrajeetSheet Your subwoofer can handle 200w RMS power so there's no problem if you provide 100w rms at peak power(full volume) of this amplifier. but with this amp you will never get that much bass that your subwoofer is capable of producing.

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SubhrajeetSheet It will definitely work without an issue but you will not get that much output power as your subwoofer is capable of.

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SubhrajeetSheet It got speaker protection so it turns off. either increase load by replacing 4ohm speaker by 8ohm(or u can connect one more 4ohm speaker in series too) or decrease the power input to 19v somehow that would work I think.

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Q: which is the input and output??

Kérdezte BG385415841 tovább 2020-12-08 02:14:25

Ander High on the left, low on the right

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Q: Can use the power for Ampifare 500w or not??

Kérdezte BG385415841 tovább 2020-12-05 02:59:15

Rhubarb not work with 500W

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Q: it is 4ohm or 2 ohm

Kérdezte BG385415841 tovább 2020-12-10 05:02:43

Quilling 8ohm

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