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pittsville Mine came with the "Havoc" software. I changed it to one called Mayhem. It was easy to install. There are instructions online how to do it.

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pittsville Thereare no instructions about how to use the product on the product page. I need a link to download the APP "Little Stars" The scan code shipped with the product is for Door Dash, not this camera! And the Google Play store does not have any app called "Little Stars". Thanks.

pittsville 18/08/2021
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Q: это оригинальный RTL SDR v3 ?

Kérdezte SergSV13 tovább 2020-05-11 10:46:38

pittsville No. This is a replica of a real SDR blog. The real one has only two screws in the end plates. This one has four screws.

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Q: What's different between this hackrf and portapack and the previous one?

Kérdezte BG531212148 tovább 2021-03-09 11:13:41

pittsville There are many different versions of portapacks being sold. The hackrf is the same in all of them. The latest firmware is Mayhem. If you have Havoc you would want to upgrade to Mayhem.

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Q: that is a original o a replica device ?

Kérdezte alepermar tovább 2020-06-20 11:09:46

pittsville This one not real one. real one have two screws on the end, ok?

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pittsville There are various versions of this available, and they are all on the same product page. There are pictures of each option at the top of the page. Watch the price when you click on "color". What you are actually choosing here is the version of the product you want to order. Note that the price changes when you click a thumbnail at the top of the listing. Each picture represents an option for you to choose from.

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pittsville Ifound an English version online from an Amzoan seller. (price is a lot higher there). The English version is not real clear but it helped me figure out how to operate the timer.

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