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Q: Is there any delay while sharing or mirroring screen?

Kérdezte Mjsalman85 tovább 2022-04-21 11:32:45

th3m1s I use it as a second screen to my pc in windows extension mode. I haven't noticed any problems.

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Q: is it compatible with Xiaomi Viomi V2? Thank you for answer

Kérdezte BG421940501 tovább 2022-04-08 10:18:12

th3m1s I don't think so. You need something like this33pcs Replacements for Mijia STYTJO2YM Viomi V2 V2 Pro V3 Vacuum Cleaner Parts Main Brushes*2 Main Brush Cover*1 Side Brushes*10 HEPA Filters*6 Activated Carbons*4 Cleaning Tools*2 Wet Mop Clothes*4 Wet and Dry Mop Clothes*4 [Non-Original]

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th3m1s 28/03/2022
Firework LED strip light music is a special LED strip both in terms of its design and its operation and stands out from all the others found in the market. The package arrived in my hands within 15 days of ordering. The product came in simple nylon wrapper and the contents inside the box are beautifully arranged in sachets. The product needs assembly which is easy as long as you pay attention to how the plugs will be buttoned to the central round component. They are entered in a way so be careful because they are a little fragile and may break. The power supply is done with a charger of at least 5V/1A (I would suggest 5V/2A so as not to heat up too much) and is not included in the package while for the remote the battery is mounted and works by pulling the plastic film at the bottom. The installation should be done only indoors because it is not waterproof. The dimensions after assembly are 110cm long (without the cable with the controller) and width 60cm and are the version with the 224 LEDs. It has many effects and functions to choose which one is the most beautiful for your space or taste. The instruction manual shows that the assembly, the functions of the remote-control keys, the installation of the application and the functions with the effects it has are done. THE LED strip works in two ways 1st with the remote control included in the package 2nd with the application you install on your mobile The application can be installed either by scanning the QR code in the instruction book or by the controller and following the instructions we have on the mobile. The remote control provides the basic functions only and if we want more options for controlling and the effects of the tape then the application should be used. The connection between the LED strip and mobile with the app is done easily and quickly. From the application we can control the colors the brightness to choose from through a large number of styles.
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Q: how well does it work

Kérdezte BG212316135 tovább 2022-03-26 04:19:20

th3m1s It's working as described. Good welding machine for it's size and price especially for works in home. Not for professional use, you have to choose something else.

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Q: Is it compatible with m1 mac mini?

Kérdezte marvvin tovább 2022-03-07 10:39:35

th3m1s I don't have a mac mini. The screen has a usb type c port for video input, so if your mac support something like that the answer is yes.

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