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Q: In the speaking version, is there a way to turn off the sound?

Kérdezte davidswb tovább 2021-09-10 08:04:51

mih957 sory,but for the moment I just waiting to come product ... If you dont need soud ,you can but the version not sound and y probleme is resolved.....have a nice day

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mih957 I receiver quicly and verry food condition....I am verry satistated.....thx banggod

mih957 03/07/2021
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Q: Where is the switch for the work light?

Kérdezte BG415718221 tovább 2021-06-22 02:17:47

mih957 for the moment I dont receiver product.....I wait

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Q: What is a megapoxel?

Kérdezte henrivdr tovább 2021-05-25 04:12:59

mih957 sory ....I dont receive that ....I waiting more...

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Q: support iphone 12? anyone has an experience?

Kérdezte pegasus178 tovább 2021-03-27 04:41:11

mih957 device is super quality, the price ratio is perfectly good, but I had the misfortune not to be compatible with my mobile, a software thing xiaomi m10Tpro. I recommend for purchase. Banggod sent very fast in 5 days.

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Q: where can I buy its foot?

Kérdezte BG531146361 tovább 2020-10-31 11:46:45

mih957 banggood parts drone

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mih957 I'm on my second drone ex4 .... I flew home ... but I advise you to do it after you feel that you control the drone perfectly well. With all this I hit the drone outside. I still don't know what advice to give you. the price-quality ratio is good for fun. I didn't understand exactly but the instructions mention that the app would only work perfectly on 5G phones. I would like to know exactly ?!

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