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omarperez no it's only the drone you will need a transmitter and goggles.

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Q: it can fit HDO2?

Kérdezte omarperez tovább 2020-01-24 05:35:35

Zakster The foam overhangs the HDO2 faceplate top and bottom edges by about 8mm overall. For me, 5mm over the bottom of the faceplate plastic, and about 3mm above. They still feel comfortable and cut light leak well, but we should ask URUAV if they can release a version to suit the slimmer HDO2 faceplate.

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Q: Do I need to solder the camera my self?

Kérdezte Loka Blå tovább 2020-01-20 11:14:06

omarperez no is all mounted in the BNF version. The PNP need to solder the receiver.

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Q: la cámara está listo para usar? o se tiene que comprar otra cosas más?

Kérdezte Omar Melgar Choque tovább 2020-01-19 07:29:07

omarperez vienen 2 versiones BNF que esta listo para volar necesita bateria, control y gafas fpv y esta la version PNP que le pones el receiver que quieras y listo.

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Q: camera mount angle?

Kérdezte towkaynew tovább 2020-01-06 11:34:18

omarperez is not included

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Q: does the TBS VTX have the 3 color canopy or shell included?

Kérdezte oapr1988 tovább 2019-05-17 08:17:53

erik all models have all 3 canopys included.

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