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BG160562154 07/11/2021
I'm utterly disappointed both with these goggles and Banggood support. This was supposed to be my first pair of binocular goggles. If you never experienced this type of goggles, beware that you can easily misjudge the importance of two factors: FOV and IPD. Most Skyzone models have an IPD adjustment of 58-71mm. My advise is to measure yourself in the mirror before ordering, because I thought I was a perfectly average guy only to discover that I'm slightly under 58 mm after receiving my order... It doesn't seems much, but it's actually nearly unflyable because of duplicated image. Also, beware that 39° of FOV is VERY narrow ! It might makes sense for racers or freestylers who wants to see the entire picture without having to move the eyes too much, but for the common people who just like to fly around and are seeking to have an immersive experience, this is not good. Even if picture quality and rapidmix reception are on another level, I had nevertheless a way better experience with my good old cheap box goggles. As I mostly do cinematic flying around trees, I need to clearly see small details like leaves and branches, but the SKY04L image is way too small for that. Last but not least, I think I received a faulty unit. The right lens seems uneven and it's impossible to get focused on the whole surface at the same time. It's a little sketchy but I tried to take pictures to represent that. This is were Banggood support step into the story. They kept asking me for a video to show them the problem, ignoring the fact that it is physically impossible to film what an human eye is supposed to see inside lenses... I exchanged a few messages with them, worthy of a Monty Pythons sketch. Eventually, depending on where you live, you can't even have you right of withdrawal since it cost so much to send stuff back to China. Now, I have no choice than resell it myself, hoping to find someone who's not bothered by the right lens... I'll let you draw your own conclusions...
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BG160562154 29/11/2021
The best box googles on the market. Compared to the disappointing SKYO4L, I had a way better experience with those for half the price. But there are still a few downs IMO: 1. Comfort is awful, I guess it all depends on your face form factor, but for me the nose funnel is very uncomfortable. Despite being the lightest box goggle ever, the three times heavier EV800 are way more comfortable on my nose. Also, I think they could paste the foams in factory instead of letting you do all the work. 2. Build quality (plastics and foams) is very poor (cheaper EV800 are way better). 3. Head strap in 3 pieces is awful. If you want to upgrade it, beware that it's only compatible with Velcro straps, or you will have to let some stuff hanging around (see the picture). 4. The VRX plastic cover prevent you to tighten the antennas correctly. I had to enlarge the holes with a driller. 5. Antenna reception graph in OSD is mirrored (e.g. the left antenna is displayed on the right). 6. This might not be relevant while flying (and maybe it's on purpose), but despite displaying 1280x720 pixels, the screen doesn't seem to have a 16:9 form factor. For example, using HDMI input, a perfect circle appears as an ellipse (vertically stretched). As for the ups, I'd say that: 1. RapidMix VRX is very good (not a big fan of the darkening though), 2. Image is nice and clear with a good FOV (slightly narrower than EV800, but way bigger than SKYO4L), 3. Good DVR compared to the very bad ones you'll find on various competitors, 4. Power supply diversity is great (I don't use the 18650 cell though).
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