Q: Is it waterproof? Can I use it in the shower?

Kérdezte fanastas tovább 2018-11-03 05:55:03

Maskdar Yes, it is waterproof, you could use it.

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Q: Is the black color availiable?

Kérdezte fanastas tovább 2018-08-20 02:37:54

Thisred Yes, you can choose the black color.

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Q: How do you use that?

Kérdezte fanastas tovább 2018-07-27 13:59:37

reason0104 Very simple, just put him on the electric oven.

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Q: Is it waterproof. Can it be used in the shower?

Kérdezte fanastas tovább 2018-04-27 13:00:21

LLCOOLJ007 It is, with IPX3 protection, which means protected agains water spay/drops

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Alina Its sits fine with glasses. I recommend putting the headset on first then glasses over the top Very comfortable

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