Q: Hello people! Does this FC have an I2C bus?

Kérdezte karolvi tovább 2021-08-14 08:52:51

TheSerGOgo Есть там I2C. Можно установить GPS с компасом и получить полноценный rth в inav

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Q: Install prop 6'?

Kérdezte karolvi tovább 2018-12-10 15:00:10

Lauland Why would you put 6 inch props on a 5 inch quad 🤔

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Della Have checked with GEPRC. This FC doesn't have enough position to add R1 Pad on board. From the photos, you can see that it doesn't showed any R1 Pad. If you need connect GPS, they recommend you CLI ... Többet látni

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Zeloxx Recommend ask for CService Help. The document can not be post here. Contact them and they would send you directly

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Q: What format is it AA or AAA?

Kérdezte karolvi tovább 2020-09-01 02:40:04

Dure seach"AA " 'AAA'

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