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  • 05/10/2015

    just 5.7W max. at 4.1V, but this is very good for a little flashlight. I measured the current when using a fully charged li-ion battery, it was 1.4A at 4.1V = 5.7W in mode 1, that means 600Lm max.. In mode 2 it was 0.7A, in mode 3 about 0.33A. The current (and power) decreases significantly when the voltage of the battery drops, so I guess there is a cheap step-down converter build in. And there is no low-voltage cut off, what means if you use an unprotected li-ion battery it will die when the voltage come down under 2.75V !!!... but apart from this, the 5 modes works well and the design is nice (I will not say what it looks like...).

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  • 08/07/2015

    This is the replacement for Ultrafire model. The brightness is very high and zoomable head is perfect. I tested the flashlight with 3xaaa batteries and with 1x18650 battery. With 18650 battery the light is slightly stronger. Good purchase.

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  • 10/09/2015

    Very bright. its not 2000 lumen but i saw it outperform several 100 Euro+ flashlights. Great value for the money its perfect. i really do advice a 18650 Battery.

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  • 25/10/2016

    Pretty fantastic considering how low cost this flash light is. You get what you see in the pics, they do it justice. Probably the best part of the flashlight is the option to use either an 18650 OR AAA batteries. In any case, you'll want to use the 18650 if you have it, much better, much brighter. This is so small it's easy to pack AND comes with the SOS mode; so a great hiking option. If I had any criticism it would have to be the zoom: It zooms down to a square shape that shows the various pattern of the LED itself, and the zoom isn't very smooth. I have a LuxPro (200 lm) that zooms smoother but is way way dimmer. Overall a Great purcahse!

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  • 17/06/2018

    not very strong

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  • 19/12/2017

    XML leds are specified for 1000lumen when driven at 10W, and picked from the higher quality, normal would be lower. Not surprisingly, this one don't have 2000lm. Real power is 1.3A @ 4.2V (5.5W), and 0.8A@3.5V (2.8W) , which is not the specified 8W either. You still can expect around 200-500 lumens out of it at full power. Medium and low settings get the power to 50% and 25%, with still reasonable ligthing Compared to my older 2D maglite (4.5W led), the beam look brighter and more uniform in a more compact size. Zoom is smooth, with a good range. You end up with the image of the led at full zoom, but otherwise the lamp is uniform. General look is good, and value is OK, a decent buy. Improvement would be a screw-able or lockable focus, and simply stating the real specs instead of inflated numbers

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  • 29/03/2018

    Maravilha essa lanterna,só é pequena mas tem um alcance impressionante,me surpreendeu,excelente produto e de qualidade. Estou super satisfeito com a compra,parabéns a Banggood pela velocidade no envio,em menos de dez dias já estava no Brasil,a demora é da alfândega brasileira.

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  • 20/11/2017

    muito bom vale muito apena pelo preço demoro 34 dias pra chega foi muito rapido eu moro no ceara

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  • 06/02/2017

    I recommend. Really bright. Even when extended point (beam). There are three forces of light + Sos + Stob. There are many clear lens. Also I recommend this lantern. http://www.banggood.com/Meco-XPE-Q5-600-Lumen-7W-Zoomable-LED-Flashlight-For-1xAA-1_2V-p-907006.html?p=OB12033264223201512P

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  • 20/09/2019

    lanterna com grande luminosidade. excelente pra perto e longe

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