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Doctorzorro Incorrect.See Dr.Bob's helpfull post below. You are looking at the wrong colorcodes, those are end ferrules, these crimping jaws are for insulated AMP style connectors. Those have a very simple and logical color scheme, Small = red, Medium = blue and large = yellow. Everyone who's ever worked with these knows this. As can be seen in the listing's photo's, the guy holding the camera didn't notice the wrong coloring on the sample he got, he put the wrongly colored yellow upper die on the widest lower die assuming that yellow is the largest hole. Were you to attempt that you'd probably wreck the die set. If the color codes on the die are wrong, trust logic and put the yellow ones in the biggest hole. It really is that simple.

samtree 02/06/2017
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Doctorzorro@TURHAN38 Hi, I had to translate that, but you\'re right. It is one of the more expensive ones, there are similar units with the same function for around $6. At the time of writing the review it was the cheapest one they had that would fit my project, it worked fine and it is a nice flashing rgb thingy to have in my batterypowered music crate. I paid around 10 euro for it, ok I guess for what it is.

Doctorzorro 27/08/2019
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