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Q: can i use to ft02 18650 battery

Kérdezte BG115316481 tovább 2022-12-03 11:08:14

Dalis Да, в модели фонаря FT02 можно использовать с аккумулятором 18650.

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Q: battery included or not?

Kérdezte mp1947 tovább 2022-05-31 02:51:01

djuricic.milan Read description, man. "Built-in 16340 battery with capacity of 1200mAh needs to be bought separately", in both cases, regardless of the size of battery tube. Also, don't forget that this light uses an "imported p100 wick", in other words this LED of unknown manufacturer is supposed to be high quality because it's "imported". Unfortunately, I also like this light, I am thinking of buying one just to use this host. If the battery is included, it's probably crap, just like this "p100 imported whatever", but the host looks nice in comparison with similar pocket zoomies, and it looks like the lens is retracted deep enough in the head, so, there shouldn't be that ugly ring effect. This host can probably be modded into a decent light. I wish they included glass plano-convex lens instead of the high quality imported led and the possibility of battery being present.

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Q: can i upgrade the ram?

Kérdezte mp1947 tovább 2022-05-18 12:38:00

Cippy No you can't. It' s soldered type ram.

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