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grabejud have finally used it to remove gears for my extruder when the locking screw head wont budge with a m2 driver, works awesome and a must tool for those with 3d printer and similar

grabejud 18/10/2021
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Q: what is the function of JP4IN1 ????thanks bro

Kérdezte khanh10b27 tovább 2021-02-13 10:10:36

grabejud it's radio protocol supported. 4 protocol in 1. unlike the cc2500 which is inferior

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Q: Does this work on omnibus

Kérdezte BG744144655 tovább 2021-11-24 06:51:02

grabejud this is for vtx module or transmitter, any of those that runs 5.8 with corresponding connector (sma or rpsma) should work

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Q: hi, does it work with the protocol FRSKY D-8 ?

Kérdezte BG169462237 tovább 2021-02-25 01:03:13

grabejud using internal module its already built in. it should be under model settings, frsky x. d8 or d16

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